You need us to be proactive not reactive


We get it.


We support your legal independence with easy-to-understand strategic advice, risk assessment and training for your teams, helping you identify issues before they become disputes.



You need business partners


We get it.

SMK provides smart, flexible and client focused legal services.

We have abandoned the ivory tower, embraced simplicity and technology while avoiding unnecessary overhead.

We use flat organisational structures, simple offices and cloud-based technology to provide high quality service at an equitable price.

We offer many services for a flat fee or as a customised package. We value transparency and stick to our budgets so you can plan yours.

You need us to be innovative and accessible

We get it.

We speak your language, not legalese.

We provide advice and handle disputes in a way that protects your business,

not our image.

Our Expertise

Dispute Management and Early Intervention


We assist employers to formulate coordinated and effective approaches to preventing and managing disputes. We provide advice, investigation services, early intervention strategies and systemic training and coaching to limit workplace disruption.



Managing disputes successfully takes more than aggressive advocacy. It requires an advocate who understands the whole picture, including how your business objectives and priorities are impacted by the dispute. Together, we can decide a strategy that balances the particular costs, benefits, and risks of litigation. When disputes arise, SMK litigates with a comprehensive, strategic approach. We handle:

  • Federal and State court litigation

  • Workers Compensation Commission and Industrial Relations Commission proceedings

  • Mediation and arbitration

  • Fair Work Australia appearances



Workplace relations are vital. Managing contracts, culture, policy, regulations, compliance, performance and change is increasingly complex, time consuming and high risk. Disputes can be costly, unanticipated, emotionally charged and publicly significant. We advise on the best commercial solution for your situation, having regard for the  specific needs of your business and your people. We work with you to identify issues and plan ahead.


Work health and safety


SMK act as advisers and advocates to assist clients in navigating safety and health laws to find practical business solutions to employment disputes and workplace safety and health issues that we act for clients in relation to risk assessment, policy framework and representation in relating to all employment jurisdiction.

Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution


SMK fully embrace all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution including:

  • informal settlement conferences

  • mediation

  • arbitration

  • early neutral evaluation


We place particular emphasis on mediation, informal settlement conferences, including teleconferences, supplemented with appropriate offers, which we have found to be the most useful and cost effective means of resolving claims.

Our approach to matter handling is innovative and proactive. Our primary concern from the time we are instructed is how best to resolve your concerns. We do not believe in waiting until the door of the court to consider settlement negotiations. We explore the prospects of settlement as soon as investigations into the claim have been completed; and if resolution is not possible, you are in the hands of our expert practitioners.



We provide astute and practical advice on a wide-ranging contractual issues related to your business. This includes the drafting and negotiation of all types of business contracts and commercial agreements. If it’s in writing and it involves your business, we get it.

Emergency Law


We act on behalf of our clients in relation to risks, rights, liabilities and duties specific to emergency workers at policy, claims management and litigation levels. We provide insights regarding industry trends and risks to minimise exposure to our clients.

Government, Regulatory & Administrative Law


By combining legal expertise, government experience and political savvy, our team works with clients to address administrative issues and regulatory concerns.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive, custom representation to help clients realise industry goals. SMK offers:

  • Counsel and advice on regulatory compliance

  • Tailored advocacy strategies

  • Advice and guidance on policy, legislation and regulation implications and applications

  • Legal representation


Risk management and education


We offer:

  • Best practice training

  • Legislative and regulatory compliance training

  • Contract management

  • Data retention policies

  • Privacy training

  • Template and clause libraries

  • Lunch-and-learn sessions

  • Trend analysis


More than 70 years of combined EXPERIENCE

We have the know-how you need.

Our client experience includes:

Emergency services | ​Health | ​Education | ​Justice |​ Insurance

​Service based enterprises | ​Transport | ​Construction and design

​Retail | ​Workplace safety

What our client's say about us:

" ... consistently high standard ..."

"... at the forefront of Defendant litigation ..."

"... strategic considerations are impressive ..."

"... always accessible ..."   "... excellent support staff ..."

"... care about their clients ..."  "... innovative ... thorough ..."

"... client-focussed ..."  "...problem solvers ..."




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Founder of SMK, Lesa has extensive experience in insurance and government litigation and advising. She has over 18 years' litigation experience working for insurers, self-insurers and large employers with a national presence. Although she is a fierce advocate, Lesa never stops looking beyond the courtroom for ways to resolve litigation to a client's advantage, balancing business objectives with resources and the relative merits of the client’s position.  She is a true partner in problem-solving with national mediator accreditation.


T: 02 8202 0004 E:

Katrina has been at SMK since 2011. She has over 10 years’ experience in personal injury litigation, acting for both the worker and the employer. Katrina has practiced exclusively in insurance litigation since commencing at SMK, and has conducted matters in many jurisdictions, including in the Workers Compensation Commission, District Court of NSW, Supreme Court of NSW, NSW Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia. She has a particular interest in early claims intervention, as well as work injury damages claims, and strives to achieve strategic and commercial outcomes for her clients.


T: 02 8202 0009 E:

Associate Solicitor at SMK, Daniel has significant experience in insurance litigation and in particular, workers compensation and common law based claims, having worked for both Plaintiff and Defendant firms throughout his career. As a result, Daniel is a leading practitioner in  all aspects of workers compensation, common law and safety claims and is easily able to anticipate the litigious needs of his clients. Daniel currently represents insurers, self-insurers and large employers with a national presence and has a wealth of courtroom and Commission experience.


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Jasper has been with SMK Lawyers since 2014 after participating in an internship whilst completing his law degree at the University of Sydney, and working as a paralegal until admission. Jasper works closely with clients to identify and address their legal needs proactively. He makes clients feel comfortable contacting him with any legal questions or concerns. Developing relationships built through regular contact allows Jasper to create custom tailored legal strategies, solutions and documents to best assist client’s needs.


T: 02 8202 0005 E:

Mark has been with SMK since 2015 providing legal services across numerous jurisdictions. His primary focus is in achieving positive commercial outcomes for his clients, whether by structured resolution or contested litigation. Mark prides himself on his approachability, easy accessibility to client’s, and his holistic response to trouble-shooting.


T: 02 8202 0003 E:

Shannon has over 20 years’ experience in personal injury litigation. Having spent an almost equal amount of time doing Plaintiff work as Defendant work, she understands the importance of achieving results to the satisfaction of all key stakeholders.  She works extensively in the areas of Health and Emergency Services and appreciates the particular needs, challenges and business considerations of the employer and insurer alike.


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